December 10 Study: Many electronic cigarettes users continue to smoke Sidst udgivet den 10-12-2017

Many electronic cigarettes users continue to smoke. Could prolonged dual use hinder or delay cessation of smoking?

This is the theory defended by some anti-smoking and anti-pee activists: smoking and vaping at the same time does not bring any public health benefits.

Study: Smoking vapours stop smoking more than smokers.

However, a recent longitudinal study examined the relationship between long-term electronic cigarette use and cessation on a representative sample of American smokers, and the findings are very optimistic.

The study is based on a representative sample of 2028 American smokers interviewed in 2012 and 2014. Long-term use of the electronic cigarette was defined according to baseline consumption (2012) and follow-up consumption (2014).

The use of electronic cigarettes only at the beginning of the survey or at the time of follow-up was categorized as "short-term". Discontinuation rates correspond to abstinents for 3 months or more.

In conclusion, the researchers say that:

The dual use of electronic and conventional cigarettes is not associated with a decrease in cessation rates;

Long-term use of electronic cigarettes has been associated with higher cessation rates.

There is no doubt that these data will now be added to the already numerous arguments in favour of harm reduction and will underscore once again the value of electronic cigarettes in both direct and indirect smoking cessation efforts.

But attention, even researchers admit that the vape help quit smoking. But it does not mean everyone can vape everywhere. For examples, can we use the pocket vape in Thailand? The answer is a straight no! Since 2014, Thailand has formally banned electronic cigarettes on its territory. The smiling boy is not a fan of the steamer, so if you're traveling in the country, you'll have to leave it at home. The mere possession of the device is prohibited, so use is naturally prohibited.

What are the risks?

Up to 10 years in prison! If you are planning a holiday in Thailand, you know what you have to do... Leave your steamer at home. The country is also known for its strict and absolute compliance with the law. Travellers who do not fully understand the formalities to be respected on site have already been caught up in the game. This is explained in particular by the Easyvoyage website, which mentions the case of a British tourist who was in possession of an e-cigarette. After being checked by the Thai authorities and threatened with imprisonment, he was fined more than 130 euros.

Thailand: why forbidden?

Thailand banned electronic cigarettes very early on, starting in November 2014. The reason? The country is following the debate that exists around the steamer, that it could encourage young people to start smoking, that it would be a gateway to smoking. The Thai authorities believe that spraying on the street could therefore encourage young people to succumb to tobacco.